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Difficult to make ends meet ?

Every end of the month, you have the belly knotted at the idea of your bills to pay? Every month ? it's the same thing. You are obliged to deprive yourself of not being in the red while waiting for your salary.

At one time, we all have gone through it. To handle with this problem, sometimes we can chose to get another job. However, there is another solution, that is less time-consuming, and that you can achieve from home.

This is the online trading. When people hear the word « trading », they can be a bit scared. Nevertheless, online trading is not only reserved for an elite.

Supplementing his incomes is possible. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced trader, you are able to trade.

Before starting, do you know what is trading ?

Online trading is the act of buying and selling financial products via an online trading platform. These platforms are generally provided by brokers operating on the Internet and are available to anyone wishing to make money in the market.

Most of our brokers offer a variety of financial products to trade, including stocks, commodities, financial indices and currencies. Trading is based on stocks (such as Google shares, for example) or on the purchase and sale of commodities such as gold or silver, which is already a common activity, and currency trading (Forex)."

3 steps to succeed in trading

Step 1

To start, you need to register on the site by completing a short information form.

Step 2

Then an expert will contact you as soon as possible to teach you the basics and help you to start investing.

Step 3

When you are ready, you can invest on your own.

We pledge to provide you

Your trader’s everyday life in the future

About 1h a day Tangible results !

* Earnings may vary from one person to another. There is also a financial risk of significant losses with this product

What happens after you signed up ?

By suscribing our form online for free, we propose the web users to be contacted by phone by our partner company so as to present them some methods to earn extra money from home thank to online trading.

After having received a quick training sesion about trading by phone by the Marketing Vici company, you will just have to spend a few minutes every day to manage investments on the currency market via a free interface. This last one will be explained to you when you get the training session.

Then, as a person, you could try to generate profits by investing your money on the currency market.

So, by signing up, we offer you the possibility to obtain more informations about online trading, that is to say the fact to invest on currency markets.

You will receive a phone call where you will get:

  • - A presentation of the currency market
  • - Elocution of the risks of investment online
  • - Presentation of the platform allowing to Trader
  • - Presentation of deposit and withdrawal methods
  • - Presentation of deposit and withdrawal conditions

The web user have to get all the information they need before the opening of a trading account. Moreover, they will get a notification about the risks of the online trading (including the possibility of losing all or part of their investment.)The webuser is free to continue or stop the training session at every time.

After your training, the cost for a beginner to speculate will be about 300€, according to every trader.